Royal Jelly: See how healthy can be!

The royal jelly is a creamy ingredient, which is produced by the bees, to use it for the feeding of the queen. It's produced by special follicles of the worker bees.


When the population exceeded within the cell increases, the colonies form a swarm and leave with the old queen to find a new home.

Spring vineyard care

The bonds we create with mother nature and her offsprings, during cultivation, are very important.

Nursery Butterfly

Younger friends took part in drama games, played and learned many things about bees and honey in a place especially for kids!

Biological cultivation of grapes

The biological cultivation of grapes is done according to the European Union regulation. In that case, just a few of the known methods are used for the production of grapes.

Ayorgitiko of Nemea

Ayorgitiko is one of the most distinguished Greek grape varieties. It's found in many regions of our country, in lands that cover up to 25.000 acres.

Must Cookies

We stir the olive oil together with sugar and, then we add the must. We dissolve the ammonia and the soda in the cognac and add the mixture.


We heat up the clean must in an utensil and then we add the flour or the meal or the corn starch.

Chardonnay with noble & gentle aromas

The white variety of Chardonnay is one of the most widespread! It's popular because of it's adaptability to grow in all grounds and climate conditions.

What is happening inside of red wine

“Wine is a complex alcoholic drink, which contains thousands of compounds”. It seems that despite of the searches around the world, until now, there are still new compounds which will be discovered.


We dilute the yeast inside the water, add sugar and honey.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a variety which is grown in many regions of Greece.


Anthocyanins are the greatest group of pigments in the kingdom of plants and belong to the great group of chemical compounds called “flavonoids”.

Cookies with sweet wine

Ingredients 1 glass olive oil 1 glass sweet wine 1 glass sugar 1 Tsp baking powder 2 vanillas 850 grams flour Method We stir all the ingredients until a soft ...

Types of obsolescence

Types of obsolescence and how they affect to the structure and aromatic profile of our wine!

Types of wine

First criteria for the diversification is the color of the wine.