Since 1908... until today!


4o Preschool Voula

Today, visit us the 4th Kindergarten Voula.

The 3rd grade Pedagogy Piraeus

Today visit us the 3rd grade Pedagogy Piraeus. Children winnowing with great enthusiasm.

Nursery Butterfly

Younger friends took part in drama games, played and learned many things about bees and honey in a place especially for kids!

The 3rd class of the 1st elementary school Haidari

Children winnowing through the threshing floor with great enthusiasm!

The 5th class 7th class school Maroussi

The 5th class 7th class school Maroussi attended the educational program "production of honey".

The Joyland Nursery in Winepress Zahaios

The children were transformed into small bees and discovered the wonderful world of bees.

First class I.S.A. the Winepress Zahaios

Today visited us the 1st class of ISA. The children were excited with the donkey and the winnowing!!!