...Since 1908

In the heart of Mesogheia, in a very exquisite vineyard area, lies Paeania. This is the place where our ancestors decided to build the traditional winery. Three generations of winegrowers gave life and took care of the vineyard. 71 years later, in 1979, Panayotis Pakonstantinou decided to expand this relationship, making his dream come true. He created a standard winery, by the name of Zahaios (a family heritage).

The thing that enchants the visitor, from the first moment in Zahaios estate, is the authenticity of the stonebuilt winery. You can tell, even by the smallest detail in the elements that compose the place.

The visitor can watch real live activities, which are related to the agricultural life of Mesogheia district and actually participate to them.

All the members of the Papakonstantinou family work in our winery, offering their love and “meraki”, to guarantee the quality of the wine. By love and passion, we aim at the credibility and the quality, values that build the foundations of the abidance of our effort.

The tradition goes on...

Our winery consentrates all the production of Paeania, as well as all the exquisite varieties from all over Greece, such as Malagouzia, Roditis, Moschato, Moschofilero, Asyrtiko, Savvatiano, Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot etc. A modern winery with technological equipment of the new generation (equipment for the making of must, stainless steel tanks with nitrogen protection and freezer mantles for the restraint of the aromas, which compose our exquisite wine).

Cellars with oak barrels and water supply systems to ensure a stable temperature, complete the impression of quality that the oenophile forms, from the first moment of his visit in our place.